Activate Your Soul Destiny
A 4 month 1-on-1 life transformational Coaching Program

Are You ready to transition from healing and clearing the past to activating your absolute potential? This 4 month 1-on-1 life transformational Coaching Program is designed to inspire and empower you to awaken and reach your fullest potential. Throughout this unique program, you will rediscover the wisdom within to fully step into the gift that you have come here to be. You will activate and align with your inner guidance system and access your inner voice to fully awaken authentic success in your life. Begin your journey today!


There have been some major shifts in my personal relationships and at my spiritual center. I have more confidence and am able to express myself more strongly. Thank you Tara Lee, these past few days have been a time of awakening for me.

Cathy Lovatt - Manitoba, Canada

Soul Mastery Retreat
Awaken the joy, inspiration, and passion of your Soul’s highest purpose!

Are you ready to awaken the joy, inspiration, and passion of your Soul’s highest purpose? Join TaraLee for this 4 Day Crystal Sound Healing Retreat in the Heart of the Canadian Rockies from June 21-24th 2018 (landing on the Summer Solstice!)

Daily sessions include meditation/silence/deepening/dissolving, activations, Q&A, therapeutic yoga/Qigong and travel to sacred sites at the Lake Louise Vortex and Moraine Lake.

Get ready to:
- Open your psychic channel to the Universe for greater alignment, deeper clarity, and more expanded awareness.
- Experience the living reality of your soul beyond the limiting beliefs and self-defeating patterns of ego.
- Collapse outdated timelines and beliefs from the old paradigm.
- Unlock your Abundance Code while tapping into ZeroPoint energy on soaring mountain peaks in Banff National Park.


Tara Lee knew how to release energetic blocks and even identifed a lifelong struggle I’ve had with male energy. After working with her I shifted my relationships with men, and also with myself. Working with TaraLee helped me move into a whole new universe of my own power. Thank you Tara Lee, you’re amazing!

Amy Feldt - Minneapolis, USA

Intuitive Development Program
A 3-month livestream designed to activate your own unique intuitive abilities!

This program is a profound opportunity to explore the mysterious energetic aspects of awakening from a 5th and 8th dimensional perspective. In this virtual group setting, you will raise your vibration and expand your energetic field, as you are upgraded into higher timelines and deeper connection with your higher conscious understanding.

Each class with TaraLee acts as a virtual activation chamber, where you can accelerate the perfection of your soul's highest potential with more heart-centered, conscious action. If you're ready to play full out and shine brighter than ever before, then you are ready to join us on this journey.

Program begins Thursday, October 5, 2017 at 7:00pm CST/5:00pm PST. All Livestreams will be recorded and available for download after each class.


I’ve had the honor to have the amazing Tara Lee work her magic on me! She demonstrates great wisdom, presence and knowledge in her field. As Tara Lee was working on my ancestral lines I could feel subtile shifts in my energy field. Her work is precise and targets the stuck places. After my session I felt more like myself, more grounded and clear. You rock, Tara Lee!

Rosanna - Pennsylvania, USA

Heart Wisdom Meditations
Rediscover the passion, excitement, radiance, and enthusiasm as a fully embodied soul.

Enhance your intuition with greater simplicity and ease. Join TaraLee every second Monday at Sacred Places to experience this deep transformational reset with Alchemy Crystal Sound. Each week TaraLee meets you precisely where you are along your journey and synthesizes all previous inner work into a fully integrated embodiment of heart-centered consciousness. She will focus on clearing and activating your Chakra Centers with Alchemy Crystal Sound, channel Light Code Activations and initiate inspirational conversation to open your heart and inspire your soul. Each week serves as a Divinely-appointed opportunity to rediscover the passion, excitement, radiance and enthusiasm as a fully embodied soul!

Upcoming dates: 7:00pm at Sacred Places 3000 St. Mary’s Rd. Message us to reserve your spot today.
- Monday September 18th
- (No Meditation) October 2nd
- October 16th
- October 30th
- November 13th
- November 27th
- December 11th
- (No meditation) December 25th


I had a session with Tara Lee spontaneously when I was at a low point in my life. The results were great! I found once she guided me through a process I felt lighter, less emotional and issues didn’t seem to be as big a problem as they were a few minutes earlier. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Jayne Thorpe - Yorkshire, United Kingdom