Hi, I’m Tara Lee

Tara Lee Ayotte is an Author, and Intuitive, whose mission is to empower Seekers in accelerating their healing and awakening path. From a young age, Tara Lee faced a number of transformative life experiences, that called her to rise above the depths of grief through what she calls divinely timed awakenings. She now helps others by reconnecting them with their authentic self through the wisdom their soul’s library, also known as the Akashic Records. Tara Lee has shared transformational talks at the University of Alberta, has been nominated for various customer care awards and hosted multiple international travel retreats to various world-renowned destination sites. Through her divinely timed heart wisdom, Tara Lee will inspire you to bring your most authentic self out into the word.


Hi, I’m Tara Lee

Tara Lee Ayotte is a Canadian Author and Intuitive, who accelerates the awakening path for Seekers around the world. With more than a decade of experience as a best-selling author, and the creator of Sacred Earth Adventures, her genuine presence and passion is palpable in her intuitive abilities and activations. With an unbounding, loving, joy filled energy, Tara Lee inspires you to reach for your most authentic self, while cheering you on every step of the way!

Are you ready to step into the light of your higher self?

Book a complementary Soul Signature Reading with Tara Lee today, to bring clarity to areas of your higher calling, relationships, health, career and more. Each session includes timely activations, while opening up pathways for authentic success.

A unique experience is tailored to what you are seeking

Tara Lee provides a safe environment where you can really relax and tap into a truly powerful and transformative experience. It is like nothing I have ever experienced before...everything in my body was vibrating and there was a release of long suppressed emotions...a truly life changing experience.

Kari K. Manitoba

Tara Lee, you are a gifted facilitator. That was an incredible call and healing session! I am tremendously thankful for what you are doing, I can feel a lightness and energy inside of me that is inspiring a new way of being! Thank you for offering you gift of guidance and insights!

Robin Kapaa Hawaii

A friend invited me to attend one of Tara Lee’s energy healing sessions a few years ago, I was mesmerized at what was brought up during the sound bath and the healing that occurred. It helped me reframe how I think and I have continued to join her in both individual and group sessions working through past trauma. she intuitively creates a unique experience during private sessions tailored to what you are seeking. I’m extremely grateful to have her be a part of my healing journey. I would recommend Tara Lee’s sessions to anyone seeking guidance, healing, and in need of some wisdom on their journey of life.

Amanda Manitoba

I’m so grateful for every event with Tara Lee! They always bring calmness, clarity and happiness to my body and mind. Somehow every time I go through some significant change in my life, I end up connecting with Tara Lee for guidance. I couldn’t ask for a better coach, since I first met her in 2016, she has always made me feel like I was at home. Her energy healing sessions help calm my mind and find answers to my most sensitive questions, and the sounds she creates fill my soul with so much joy!!! I totally recommend Tara lee to everyone, and so far, all my friends who have joined events have been amazed by what they experienced. Thank you so much for what you do

Alina Ramazanova

Tara Lee provides such a beautiful, tranquil space and experience, I'm overjoyed I finally got to experience it. It's interesting how much the theme of grounding surrounds my journey with you. I was definitely tapping into another time and space where I was one with the Earth. Very raw and vulnerable, yet completely confident and trusting in what was unfolding. It was So very peaceful, inspiring, magical and EMPOWERING. Anyone looking to step more into the light of their soul would benefit from these amazing sessions with Tara Lee.

Ailsa G.

Tara Lee has taken me on a journey of self-discovery, to deep parts of myself that I hadn't seen before. It has shone light on past traumas and the guilt and shame I carried with me. Tara Lee literally taught me through breathwork, that those entrenched memories and holding patterns were no longer mine to carry and she helped me to let go of anger and resentment. Tara's Lee’s presence and breathwork sessions led me to discover the innate love, compassion, and understanding within myself, so that I may accept and embrace every part of who I am, and in turn, shine this light out to the world. I'm grateful for her work, bringing awareness to the power of the breath, which brings healing and enlightenment that I would not have imagined possible otherwise, it’s a journey I would recommend others take to discover the power within themselves.

Nathan Plant Vancouver BC

I first saw Tara Lee at a wellness show and was really drawn to the sound and energy healing she used in her practice. I was feeling really negative and unhappy in my life before starting my sessions with Tara Lee. Since then I feel so much lighter and can feel the positive changes these sessions are making in my life. I highly recommend Tara Lee’s energy healing practice! I have never felt as good and empowered as I am feeling now!

Carolyn James Manitoba

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