10 Things I learned in 2020

As I walk into 2021, I can’t help but look back over this year and reflect on how much everything has changed since January! There were many moments of unpleasant upheaval, which challenged me to grow past any comfort zone I thought I had. I feel this year has challenged me to face my fears, even when it seemed like my life was falling apart in every way. I lost so much this year and at the same time gained far more than I could have ever asked for and for that I am deeply grateful. There is so much to be thankful for, and it’s with an open heart and courage that I welcome in the light of 2021. I wanted to share some reflection insights that I had from this year 💛


10 Things I Learned in 2020


  1. Real change calls for massive amounts of courage and the willingness to go past your comfort zone
  • This year asked us to show up for ourselves in some pretty profound ways, and especially in our darkest moments. Resiliency is what builds champions, and that’s what you are this year for making it through most likely the toughest year of your life! This year gave me a very big opportunity to stand in my truth and be who I am, regardless of who approved of me or not and for that I am deeply grateful.
  1. There is always someone there to help if we are willing to let them in.
  • This year has challenged us to learn to how to navigate through tough times while being apart from others. But even though it has been more than 9 months of physical distancing, it has spawned a mass awakening where we are more together and connected in ways than we ever have been before. I learned this year that if I was willing to expand my horizons and try new things, the universe would show up for me in new inspirational ways that I never knew were possible before.
  1. Putting yourself first is the least selfish thing you can do 
  • No matter who you are, you can’t please everybody, this year has shown us that we can be stretched to our limits and still survive. Yet this year has taught me that it’s not just about surviving, it’s about learning how to thrive in uncertain times. As my life was stripped away from all that I knew it to be this year, it allowed me to dig deeper to find who I truly was, and the only way I found I could achieve this amidst all the chaos that was going on around me, was to show up for myself like a warrior who was there to weather the storm without wavering.
  1. True friends are the ones who stand by you in the darkest moments
  • It was a tough year of reflection and facing some hard truths, especially in the friend’s department. I think we have all carried on some relationships longer than were fruitful and I feel that this year allowed for no wiggle room to hold onto things that were no longer serving great benefit in our life. If you do anything to close out your year, reflect on the valuable real estate your friends take up in your life. If they aren’t showing up for you in the highest way and you for them, then it may be time to consider making room for those who do.
  1. When your body needs to rest, REST!
  • There is nothing more dishonouring to the body than to blatantly disrespect its needs. I’ve realized more than ever this year for the need to honour the process of life unfolding both in my body and my soul (which sometimes have differing expectations). There is a sacred balance between the two and this year I learned that with everything that is going on, our bodies need more love not less. So, if your body is calling for some extra R&R, be kind to yourself and honour this call for renewal by taking some time out in a hot Epsom salt bath with your favorite essential oils, go for that hike or walk in nature, take the day off, make some pop corn and watch a movie, just follow your bliss and you will surely find a place of strength and inner peace this year ahead!
  1. & 4. Pain is your greatest teacher & Most people avoid their pain, not because they fear what they can’t be, but because they fear what they can be
  • Earlier this month I had a life changing snowmobiling accident that left me with a dislocated shoulder and a lot of pain to cope with, not to mention the massive disappointment of not being able to do anything exciting this winter while it heals. Whether through grief, loss, or physical experiences, pain is our greatest call to surrender, to trust and to let go of how we think things need to work themselves out. My healing journey through the last several weeks have been tough to say the least, but I honour that there was something about this accident which helped me to explore a subtler part of myself and what I am capable of and how I can rise to the occasion and stand in my truth even with excruciating amounts of pain (that with each breath I almost passed out). When I allowed myself to surrender to the pain and have it been my teacher, I allowed myself to grow in ways that only these deep moments can teach us. If you are or have been suffering with pain in your life whether from grief, loss, or physical experiences, challenge yourself to soften to the emotion and feel it. Allow the pain to totally consume you in the most loving way if you have to. When you no longer fear the worst-case scenario or the worst pain, it soon begins to dissipate and no longer holds such a front and centre seat in your life.
  1. There is no peace in the extremes
  • We can not find resolution when we are in the swing of extremes. This year has shown us the ugly truth on many levels, but most of all it showed us how divided we are on so many issues, to the point at which we are willing to argue and fight each other to the bitter end of things. I am literally appalled at the way many of us are acting online these days. On both sides of any of the debating topics that are circulating lately, I can hardly believe that people can be so utterly unkind to one another because of a point of view. None of us have all the answers and I am certainly not claiming to know it all, but what I do know from watching this year unfold is that nothing will be resolved in the extremes of anything, but beyond that we have a choice to be kind to one another, so let’s choose to be kind!
  1. To fully trust in your own power, you must first step into your own power by accepting who you are
  • It’s not enough to just know, you must be willing to do that which others are not willing to face. Act boldly and step into your fears while you go where you don’t want to go, because what I think you will find on the other side of fear is greater inner freedom and strength to show up and live an amazing life!
  1. Timing is everything
  • The moment you are willing to let go of everything is the moment you realize that you had nothing to lose in the first place. I was literally stripped away of every comfort that I knew or defined myself in this year. From my relationship of 10 years dissolving (peacefully) to moving back into the city, watching my business change and adapt in many ways, to releasing and letting go of friends and family that were in my life and to not have the ability to travel have been just a few of the things that have fallen away this year. But what I realized throughout all of it, was that timing was everything! We can’t push or force to make things happen, there is a divine alignment to all things. We don’t have to understand the bigger picture, but when we let go and trust that life here to work through you and not to you, it becomes a lot easier to see the gift that each moment brings. And when we can see that gift, we can live in gratitude and that my friends is the sacred key to life, where we learn to access the inner kivas of the heart and thrive inside, while no longer being affected by the outer chaos of the world. So, as you move into the light of 2021. May you find the depth of gratitude for all that your life has and has not been, trusting that all things are unfolding in their own divine perfect timing.

Sending you so much love and light as you explore the infinite possibilities that lay in front of you as you step into this new year! Here is to greater strength, inner peace, connection, joy and abundance in 2021!

Many Blessings,

Tara Lee