5 Life Truths that will Help you live a more Abundant Life

1. Shoot for Quality over Quantity

Many of us believe that life is measured by how long we live and the truth is, it’s not. We all strive for an abundant future, but what happens when we sacrifice our present moment for a future reality that leaves us unhappy until we reach that next point in life? There is a big life truth here, that many of us miss along the way and that’s the idea that success in life is not measured by the end result, but by the quality of life we lead each day. It’s all the small steps we take that shape us into who become, as we strive for something greater in life. Everything changes the moment you realize that all you have been chasing after has been there within you all along. And the strangest thing that arises from this realization, is that abundance starts to show up in a number of ways to support your new awareness in life! This in turn spirals into the being able to write your own destiny!

2.  You Create Your Reality!

You can’t always control what happens in your life, but you always have the choice in how you respond! After my dad passed suddenly at the age of 63 a few years ago, I had the opportunity to put this very concept into practice. Death is viewed in many ways as bad or wrong and therefore we often never fully allow ourselves to be open to the deeper beauty that unfolds in letting go of control with such an experience as this.  You are the creator of your own reality through the choices that you make each day! I could have chosen to drown in victimhood, but instead I chose to ask what else is possible and what was the gift in this that I wasn’t seeing. There was so much beauty beyond the grief. But without the willingness to let go and surrender my thoughts and judgements around what was unfolding, I would have never been able to fully receive the bigger picture. Which leads me to Truth number 3!

3. What You Resist, Persists!

The more that you judge or force something, the more resistance around that very thing you will create. Most people do not understand this very simple yet powerful truth. They often wonder why they struggle in their life and it’s because they have failed to see this pattern playing out over and over again. So, take a moment now to do a little self-reflection of your life and ask: Where have I been resisting the flow of life that only wants to help me open to more abundance and joy? Take a deep breath and celebrate this awareness, for we can only begin to change something once we are aware of what it is! And once you have this awareness you can begin to bathe in the secret sauce of success!

4. Bathe in the Secret Sauce of Success!

We often don’t give ourselves enough credit for what we are capable of, but when push comes to shove we discover quite quickly that there is a raw untapped power within us that is truly capable of anything. Take for instance the woman who lifts a car off of her toddle trapped beneath it or the father who jumps in to save his child from a shark attack. Each of us is capable of this power and yet most of us go through our entire lives believing that we are nothing more than mortal beings! The secret sauce to success and abundance in life is the ability to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! There is something truly magical that happens the moment that you step beyond the limiting beliefs of others and choose to be who you are regardless of what others think or believe about you. I always say, what others think of me is none of my business, that’s their stuff to deal with! You’re never going to be able to please everybody, so you might as well start by loving and accepting yourself fully. When you tap into this secret sauce of confidence and belief, you will make an impact with your own unique gifts in the world, and that’s pretty freakin awesome!

5. The Most Expensive thing you can own is a Closed Mind!

It was around the time when my dad passed that I realized, there is no such thing as absolutes! We live in a reality where matter cannot be created nor destroyed, where energy and vibration make up the core of our being, where the universe is so big that we are merely specks of sand on a beach, yet we have consciousness and intelligence to know we exist!


So many amazing things are possible if we just let go and allow life to exist as its meant to be. When we take a step back and observe for a moment what we see unfolding in front of us, we will find ourselves in an alert stillness that seems to give rise to a deeper clarity and wisdom that perhaps things are not the way they appear to be. What if, there was more to life than what we have been told to believe? What if we have created a collective consciousness that is based on misunderstandings yet we believe it as truth! Each moment offers us an exciting opportunity to explore the many angles in life and it’s a wise person who realizes that there are no absolutes but rather it’s all just an interesting point of view from our own unique perspective along this journey called life!