A Journey to the Shaman’s Cave

As I sit and write this message, a loving intelligence washes over me as a reminder of how loved we all are. This past week travelling to the Red Rocks of Sedona and beyond has been nothing short of a life changing experience and I am so blessed to share this energy upgrade with you today.

The highlight of my journey was the Shaman’s Cave, a place only in my dreams since childhood until it manifested in my reality this past week. There really are no words to articulate this moment of divine insight, but here is what spirit has guided me to write. May you find the deep wisdom and blessings in the following words.

As I began to walk down this less travelled path, one foot in front of the next, I could literally feel my body and being begin to rumble and shake inside as I saw every ancestor before me making this same journey to this sacred site. As I navigated through a rocky narrow pass, overhanging 1000’s of feet in the air, I knew I had arrived! I wanted to run, but something kept me moving forward, perhaps the knowing that I was entering a place visited in many lifetimes past? As we walked around the last turn a deep resurgence of energy came over me and nothing felt more like home than that very moment.

As we entered this ancient cave, the Shaman lit a bundle of sage and that familiar smell and eventual sound of my drum resonated through the air waves as we chanted ancient songs to Gaia herself. I could literally feel and see how we were shape shifting time and space as our bodies melted into one co-creation that carried far and wide the healing tones of a new earth. This pure harmony opened the doors to the ancient ones and we began to sing with an even deeper vortex of sound and ecstasy of pulsating light into every area of our conscious selves.

The wisdom of our ancestors flooded through our visions as we entered a rebirth for all life. Soon the message of the White Buffalo Calf Woman danced around me as I surrendered to her pure and unconditional love. She spoke to me the message of forgiveness and not only for others but for ourselves. She washed away the hurt, the disappointment, the anger and grief to once again allow the innocence of our being to resurface. For a moment, I was shown a place of total union with the almighty, a perfect balance and harmony of both the divine female and male architypes.

She gifts this powerful healing message to us today at a time of deep healing on this planet. She speaks of how 2018 is going to be a year of total awakening and transformation. Her healing message is for us to go deeper within ourselves to let go of the old wounds and hurts so that we can ascend into a higher conscious realm of greater emotional intelligence. I choose to stand in this truth and in the wisdom of the elders who guide this message, for it’s time to let go and love the parts of ourselves that we have been pushing away for so long. May you find the light within that will guide you back home to the beauty, radiance and power of your own soul.

Many Blessings and may you find the awakening within that leads the way back home to you.