A Sacred Mountain Stream

Since this year began, I have been in awe of the vast amount of transformation that has bestowed itself upon me. Of course we would all like to think that the awakening journey is this beautiful and serene path of bliss, and it is at times, but there is also a lot of work involved that calls us to look deeper into every aspect of our lives and to go past any and all comfort zones we thought we had. For me, this journey has been some of the deepest and most rewarding experiences of my life and as I step into yet another layer of this magical unfolding, I am beyond words for what is transpiring at the moment.

As many of you know, I decided to take some time off for a sabbatical this summer, so that I could reset and anchor in some of the new vibes that are coming to the planet at this time. With that, I have been on quite an adventure over the last few months, first travelling to Montreal Canada for some new training and then out to the Rockies to attend Sangha, A festival of Medicine. Both of these experiences proved to be extraordinary in so many ways and I am still vibrating from these life changing experiences.

Being able to take some time off and contemplate in the Rockies brought forward some profound insights that I wanted to share. First, there is something that presence offers us that nothing else can and that’s the unfolding of inner peace and contentment. As a doer, it was hard for me to see the value in just sitting by a lake for extended periods of time watching the clear glacial waters. I felt an unsettled angst that I needed to be doing more, exploring more and experiencing the vast landscape of the Canadian Rockies. Thats when I realized that being in the moment was exactly where I needed to be. As I sat at the base of Stewart Canyon with my feet in the ice cold water, I watched the clear glacial stream effortlessly make its way and I realized that there was nowhere else I needed to be. I began to meld into the consciousness of that ancient water, connecting with the deep wisdom and I asked to be shown a teaching around patience and being in the moment. Then as if by magic, all my senses became laser focused on the water and how it traveled down stream so effortlessly. There was no rush to get anywhere, the water was simply exploring the magic and possibilities in that moment it was in. I also became aware of how there was no judgements or expectations to be a certain way or at a certain place along the journey, all was welcome.

When we play in the moment and allow ourselves to surrender to the flow, some amazing things happen and we soon become less stressed and focused on that which we think we need to be doing and instead enter into a space of just being! Life isn’t about that final destination, for we are always evolving, growing and expanding on this never ending journey. As much as that might cause some panic and anxiety for some, it also offers us a grand expansion of exploring the vast array of infinite possibilities to discover more about who we really are. Life is a cycle and just as the ice melts to enter the stream to make it’s way to the lake to then evaporate again and be brought back to the mountains as snow and then freeze into ice to start the cycle all over again, so is life this wonderful cycle of us returning home to the source of all that is.

We must keep in mind these cycles as we travel through life, for not always will times be vibrant, fun and filled with joy and bliss. There are times that will call us to become greater human beings, that will challenge us to grow, that will be filled with anger, grief, sadness and remorse. But what is life without those, for we would not be able to tase life’s sweetest nectar if we had nothing to compare it to! As the stream flows, it does not judge the journey, for the rapids are equally as powerful as the moments of stillness in the lake, its all just a matter of perspective and what we choose to see!