Achieving Success is more than Fancy Cars and Diamond Rings

In this fast paced society we live in today, it’s hard to find time for ourselves. Many of us know that our thoughts, feelings and emotions contribute to our current state of being but do we really understand how they are affecting our life? And do we truly understand the complex array of this emotional cascade that entangles itself into the very core of our being, stemming all the way back to childhood in experiences that still carry raw emotions with them till this day?

We are all creators in this life; in fact in each moment we are shaping the outcome by our very thoughts. Sadly, such contributing factors in our life are instead over ruled by the endless searching for the newest iPhone, luxury cars or houses that society deems a successful person will have. But what is true success and why are so many people searching outside of themselves in order to find it? We have all experienced the overwhelming disappointment as we go further down the rabbit hole to find not only have our needs not been met but also that we are more depressed than ever before. So why continue down this path? From the observers point of view it appears like we are all crazy people hitting ourselves over the head again and again with a wooden bat to see if we get a different result.

What if the answers can’t be found by the accumulation of what society deems as success products? What if your own awareness of this could bring you to a state of realization that its always been about you and all you have ever wanted was to be heard, appreciated and loved for all that you are? What if, up until this point you have believed a lie that you weren’t good enough? What if I told you today that you are more beautiful and perfect than you have ever allowed yourself to know, and that you are more than enough in every way?

It’s only our perception of ourselves that hold us back from achieving this true success and happiness. What if you could know that all your pain and suffering is just simply a way in which you have been holding yourself back from becoming all you can be. You have been fighting against yourself trying to prove yourself right. What if now is time to stop that war within and finally acknowledge the truth of your being without all this judgment?

For judgment builds these walls and false beliefs that keep us stuck in believing we are not good enough, rather than moving forward and shifting just as the rest of the universe does. Expansion is key to gaining a new perspective on life. If you want something in your life to change then you are going to have to change something in your life. We can only do this by letting go and allowing ourselves to release the resistance to change and step into the unknown. We must find the truth of our being and awaken to fully know that within and allow ourselves to thrive in a way that brings us great joy in life.