Authenticity is Power and Strength

It is in those moments of despair that we finally reach the breaking point, throw in the towel and say ok I have had it, enough is enough, I surrender! Then all of a sudden the weight of the world we once felt on our shoulders lifts, our muscles relax and we begin to breathe once again. It’s in those moments just before we surrender that we wonder how we are ever going to get through this and how our life is ever going to change. That’s when push comes to shove and we put our faith so fully in who we are that we allow miracles to happen and our entire lives change in the blink of an eye. Its in those moments of total despair that we open ourselves up to the heart felt knowing of who we are, the true core of our being and the true power that resides within us. What a beautiful gift these moments can be, lets just receive that.

So why does it take the most painful of experiences for us to open to this power and potential? Why is it that we continue to allow ourselves to suffer needlessly when all along we knew we have the key to end our own suffering? We have so much FEAR of being here and being seen for who we really are that it takes us to the point of our extremes in way of suffering to finally say ok, I can’t take it, I don’t care if I don’t fit in. We come to a place where our pain and suffering is no longer worth our perceived safety of being seen for who we know we are. We all pretend, putting on our masks and playing the role we think we need to in order to live out our existence fitting in here. Then all of a sudden, as if like magic it all fades away because we are finally allowing ourselves to be in the flow of spirit. Even if just for a brief moment, we have all experienced this release and shift in some area of our lives and it is as if like magic that the answers we have been seeking all along seem to effortlessly appear, or the financial disaster is remedied by coming into some unexpected money. We all have this power but the pain and fear has overtaken our lives. Is it time to let these pains go and finally be seen for the wonderful, brilliant and amazing being we know we are? Just receive that and take a deep breath.

Most of us have experienced a lot of separation, pain and down right traumatic experiences in our lives and we are constantly reminded of this as we watch the state of our world unfold. We shelter and hide ourselves to avoid the heart felt emotion and somehow believe this is the way it was meant to be. We are unaware of how this keeps us stuck and therefore enslaved into the pain and suffering our lives have been. We wonder why our relationships fail, why our world it at war and why we can’t all just get along. It’s all linked to one thing and that’s the foundation of who we are and it all stems from a global dysfunction found at the fundamental level. It is our belief system, which hold strong that we are only physical beings. Yet we are constantly bombarded with social media about being the love and the light in this world. But how can we possibly be that when we see only the surface? We try so hard to end suffering by giving and sharing our love with only our physical minds, when in reality it can never come from this place. The heart is simply a concept in the physical; we don’t yet understand the true potential that exists beyond this level, so to end the suffering we feel is to end the separation from ourselves, which is in essence our heart space. We know so little on how giving and sharing will change the pain and suffering of this world because we ourselves are still suffering so much. Giving is a wonderful act of kindness and God knows we need more of that, but sadly many of us give from the level of our own limitation with the foundation to try and stop the hurt that we feel inside. This method really only puts a Band-Aid over the actual global problem we face which is our disconnection from ourselves, the energy of the universe and the consciousness that lives within each of us.

So how can we let it all go and share our love genuinely when we are not even connected to ourselves on this fundamental level? We must discover and create this space within ourselves first, which will create an outward shift in this world. Love is all there is and we all come from love, in fact the fundamental make up of the universe is LOVE, the Laws Of Vibrational Energy. This is the core of who we are and as long as we continue to separate ourselves from the fundamentals of our being we will continue to feel and see the separation though: destruction, death, war, pain, suffering and dis-ease because the universe cant help but show up this way to show us how out of alignment we truly are. Its tough to move past the constant illusion set up in this world, but as we continue to live and see past the smoke and mirrors we discover who we really are. It’s time to wake up and see the infinite possibilities that our world and universe is offering to us at this very moment. As we delve deeper and expand our being we discover what it is like to really live! We are meant to thrive here and live a life that excites every part of our being!! We are moving towards a global shift that will create this space. But it starts within each of us to dream of such a place, to have the courage to go beyond the walls and confines set up by our reality and say YES! I can do this, be this and create this!!! And so it shall be that a new world will show up and exist to allow all who strive for it to live in harmony.