Autumn Reflections

The autumn season serves as a reminder to bring balance back into our lives. With all that has unfolded this year, I feel that we are all ready for a new start and are looking for ways to take back ownership of the direction we are heading in our life. As we make the shift into the fall season next week, we are being given the opportunity to restore balance within, while taking time to reflect on all that we are grateful for at this time. Some things I enjoy doing at this time of year are:

Developing gratitude lists or starting a gratitude jar. This is often a very inspiring time off year as we begin a new growth cycle and I find that having something to look back on helps to build a greater vision for where we are going.

I also love the fall season to restore balance within my home. Taking the time to deep clean and clear out the old is so liberating and freeing. Try even just going through your closet and getting rid of some old clothes or find one room in the house that could use some sprucing up.

This is also my favourite time of year to be outside by a bon fire. With the Fall Equinox coming up next week, I am excited to open my sacred site for a wonderful evening of connection and fire ceremony. We will be having special guest Shaman Tina Mancusi share a sacred Despacho blessing and offering with us, along with some drumming and channeled messages from the ancient ones.

You can get more info and Register Here –> Fall Equinox Celebration 

DATE: Tuesday September 22nd (Fall Equinox)
TIME: 7:00pm – 8:30 pm ish…
COST: $47

I truly feel that the autumn season is bringing us a much needed renewal of energy along with some inspiration, creativity and clarity in moving forward with the rhythms of change. I hope that you will join me in celebration this coming week as we welcome in this new energy of the Fall Season!