Awakening Infinite Possibility

The universe has orchestrated every situation, every encounter and every single person that comes into our life as an opportunity or a gift, weather we receive it or not. What comes along with that is loving and accepting ourselves, loving and accepting who we are. So many of us look at ourselves in the mirror and we judge how our hair looks, how our breasts are uneven or how our hips are too big. Especially for women, how many places have you judged yourself for not being good enough? What if not good enough was just a judgment? What if it didn’t even exist? What if instead, we were all perfect? Every single part of us, our bodies, the way we walk, the way we speak etc. all perfect. Let’s bring in the idea that you are absolutely perfect for whoever you are in this life.

So many of us are chasing after the next big thing or the most Facebook likes and that has nothing to do with who can receive you, it’s about you receiving you? So many of us go through our whole lives never receiving or accepting ourselves or receiving or accepting the most amazing, miraculous beings that we are. There are 7.2 billion people on this planet that are all angels that are all absolutely amazing. We are infinite beings who have come here to a space of physical creative reality, but that is not really who we are. The truth of who we are is so much more than is physical and the proof beyond that is the fact that we are all made up of the same atoms that make up the stars, that make up the moon, that make up the skies, it is the same fundamental atoms that make up everything. Guess what? They are made up of 99% space…woops, popped the cork on that one, right? So will you just receive, that everything is not the way that you think it is?

Yes, so let’s just bring that in to the room of consciousness, connected to your heart and conscious soul. Let’s align everyone to his or her own balance of chakras, so that everyone is neutral. We want to be balanced, centered and stabilized. So many of us walk around in this disharmonious state all the time and so they don’t have the concept or understanding of where it is that they even are. This all goes back again, to first loving yourself because everything that happens, happens within us first because you are the universe. You are that universe that creates everything around you. So, when you allow that to come through and you change your vibration on that core level, you become the creator of your universe and you start creating everything that you are because people will show up for you differently. Regardless of what people have done to me, how people have treated me, every experience has been a blessing in our life, every experience. Every person was playing that role in my life for me to receive what it is that I needed for myself to return that balance and harmony to who I am. That is the fundamental core of who we are.

I made this huge shift. My past was working with people nutritionally thinking how it is going to solve everyone’s life because it is all about nutrition and if we all eat properly, our body is a temple and we are going to feel good. I had clients coming to me, their lives in shambles, they were depressed and thought, oh if I could just get a better body and then I started realizing, these people are going down hill. They are going to work out, eat better, so yes they are going to feel better, but at the fundamental core of it, their life isn’t going to change. Their life isn’t going to move in a new direction. So that is when I decided to really start delving in to, what is it that people are looking for, what is it that people are wanting? We are wanting that love, we are wanting to be accepted, to be cherished, down to our deepest core of who we are and yet, we are not receiving it and why not? Because we are not giving it to ourselves first. So if we can’t receive who we are, if we can’t receive our own core essence, how is anyone else going to receive us?

We must learn to go within and discover this for ourselves first and by doing this we are creating a space to receive the infinite possibilities that exist all around us. This is the secret to being happy; its really not even complicated either. Its simply an awareness and then a choice to begin to put ourselves first and lead the life we desire.

Until next time my friends, I send you my greatest love and gratitude for all that you are. I cherish you and cheer you on along this journey of life. xo