BEing the Change & Lighting the Way

Is it possible that our future ability to succeed and thrive stems from beyond the physical? What if we were to find that we had all the tools within us to restore balance to our lives and to create the destiny of our souls voice and dreams?

We all deserve to be strong in mind, body and spirit, but many of us are locked into old patterns and beliefs without even knowing it or having the ability and tools to overcome these challenges that are limiting our freedom. Instead, many of us struggle with our daily lives hoping and praying that some miracle worker will come by and save us from our own misery; when all along we had the power and strength within us to make the changes we seek. We may ask that guidance bring us the people or tools to help us along the way, but ultimately we are the only ones who can walk through that door. When we get clear on what it is we want to do in our lives and allow that to flow, we see that the universe begins to answer our calling and life seems to change. Many of us go outside of ourselves seeking salvation and the only place in which it can be found is inside our own being. We are so locked up in judgment and anxiety about what we need to be in this world that we shy away from authentically examining who we are for fear that we will turn up sub par or not good enough. As Marianne Williamson would say, it is not our inadequacy that brings us fear, but rather that we are powerful beyond belief.

So today I ask you, what would your life be like if you didn’t have to live this way? What would you create and who would you BE if you knew you had the choice? Our minds are unlimited in what we can create, but sadly we make the choice to hold back in the physical and play small for fear of being too much. Happiness is truly the key to life but so few of us have discovered it. The ability to go within and expand as a thriving part of this global team to give back, without fear that we will lose everything and to love without limits or fear of judgments is truly what we are seeking. To experience the authenticity of our soul and those around us will bring us more abundance than anything we could look for out in this world. To find happiness we must first experience all this within ourselves and form the foundation as to what we can send out to our global community in standing as a powerful beacon of light for others to find their way home. This world is full of “do as I say people,” but what a difference we could make by being the example and walking our truth?

Dare to share this with those around you and may you have the courage to step outside the box and discover your voice and be the change you want to see in the world. You are the light that can rise up and bring balance and harmony to this world, but it first starts with you making that commitment to yourself! We all watch in amazement when a small child overcomes a seemingly impossible feat. We admire those who take the risk and dare to be different in creating their dreams. So why do we allow fear to rob us of our happiness and destiny? The only simple response to this “why” is the auto programming we have all grown up with in our lives. We are taught from a young age that we should not step outside the box or question authority. We are taught not to rock the boat or stir things up, to trust our government and trust that we “need” to be led by someone more qualified than us. But who we be more qualified to lead your own life than you? Many of us are too afraid to even fathom the idea of stepping out into the unknown and walk boldly sharing our truth to light the way for others. But sometimes it hurts more to resist the flow of our spirit than to allow what we know to be real. This is a big reason why we see so much pain and suffering on this planet. We have become so accustomed to the drawn out, numb existence we live each day that we have forgot the meaning of being here in the first place. We negate our ability to stand strong in our own truth and knowing as a guiding compass and become comforted in our ways, thinking that familiarity is the key. If we only pay attention to the way our universe functions, it will give us a good indicator that nothing ever stays the same and true happiness comes from the experience and depths of change itself. We are all destined for greatness but the key factor that separates those who achieve it and those who don’t is simply the choice to go beyond the limitations set out by society and create a life beyond their wildest dreams. For it’s all possible! So may you find your courage and voice today in restoring the brilliance you BE to share true happiness with the world and lead the way to BE the change!