Change Your Awareness, Change Your Life & Get out of the Rat Race

We are each born with a unique set of gifts, talents and abilities, yet so few of us share these amazing gifts with the world around us. We fear that we will be rejected, that we can’t make money doing what we love or we believe our gifts are not contributable to society. The majority of people are left stranded, working jobs and living lives that rarely posses true happiness.

The truth is, we have not been told exactly who we are. Mainstream society has portrayed man as simply the make up of its parts and that we are merely physical beings. But what if our make up is more than just the physical? What if on a fundamental level we are composed of energy? Science has known this fact for many years; much of the technology we use today is based off this fundamental belief. Take for instance the use of electricity or the use of our cell phones? So few stop and think about the true “miracle” that takes place every time we send out a text message or flip a light switch. At this fundamental level, everything in the universe is made up of these tiny particles called atoms, which are primarily energy and emitting a vibrational frequency. So why then would we believe that at the lager scale we would be somehow superior or separate from this very fundamental makeup of the core of our universe? What if the physical reality around us is only 1% of what’s available? Atoms are made up of 99% space. What if we are focusing our attention towards the 1% of physical matter rather than the 99% that goes beyond the physical?

Mainstream society and those who govern our countries want us to stay caught up in the rat race and remain powerless to our true abilities and talents. So they pump us full of ideas that weaken our ability to create a life we want to lead, for if we awaken from this deep slumber we regain control and take our own power back. I’m not saying that we need to overthrow our governments, but truthfully its time to wake up and start living a fully conscious life.

So many believe that our consciousness is derived from the state of our physical being, but what if our consciousness far surpasses our physical make up? Einstein said that energy cannot be created or destroyed and that everything in the universes is made of energy. So how can our consciousness simply cease to exist once we pass away from this physical life? The universe is an infinite place more than likely teeming with life. For if we take a conservative number and say that there are 100 Earth-like planets for every grain of sand in the world and then took a speculative 1% of those planets and said that they would have the potential to develop life on them, we would still be left with the possibility of more than 10 quadrillion, or 10 million billion intelligent civilizations in the observable universe. [1]

What this is saying is that we have been fooled into believing that our problems are bigger than us, that we are powerless to our situations in life and that we have no control over what happens. But what if we are part of this collective whole. What if this awakening into the very core of our beings brings greater awareness into our conscious evolution and with greater awareness we can once again regain control over our lives? Living from this connected state, we create a whole new awakening on this planet and welcome with it the way back to balance and harmony that is the life force governing the entire universal make up. We are far stronger together than we are apart.

So is today the day that you make the choice to awaken, transform and thrive in your own unique way?