Latest Past Events

Tuning Into Prosperity

Kwa'lilas Hotel 9040 Granville St, Port Hardy

Come and experience Tara Lee’s highly sought-after Alchemy Crystal Sound Infusions, and Integrative Drum Journeys to unleash your full potential, breakthrough limitation, overcome challenges and learn through your own unique soul’s library also known as the Akashic Records in this full day immersion into the realm of your highest calling and soul potential.


Rhythms of Your Soul Retreat

Manitoba Electrical Museum 680 Harrow St., Winniepg

This day collaboration is a combination of Chakradance, Integrative group drumming, crystal sound infusions and timely activations that are designed to help you access and expand your consciousness, including higher guidance and clarity about your life purpose and authentic success calling.


Awakening the Lotus Heart

Tara Lee's home Winnipeg

Explore an inward journey of self empowerment, with channeled Akashic realm Activations, alchemy crystal sound and drum infusions and channeled messages that will serve to open and expand the wisdom of your heart and access a deeper connection with your soul passion and purpose in this life.