• Tara Lee your Intuitive Reading will be an experience that will stay with me forever. I feel both enlightened & energized, totally believing that my dreams can come true. Thank you Tara Lee, you are amazing!

    Brandie Y. Melita, MB
  • Tara Lee the combination of your crystal bowls and angelic voice, awoke something inside of me where I experienced a feeling of inner calmness and unconditional love. I felt a golden rod through the core of my body and circular energy moving though my heart to my third eye. Thank you Tara Lee, an incredible amount for the service you gave all of us in the room that night.

    Chris L. Manitoba, Canada
  • I am a huge fan of Tara Lee’s work! She is incredibly insightful and spot on with all the issues we have worked through together. She makes quick work of complex situations and has helped me to work through some very difficult situations and I have made great strides in my life as a result. I can’t imagine not having her as my guide.

    Barbara Dooley Best Selling Author & Founder of Soul Remembrance, California USA
  • I attended the event at the Manitoba Legislative’s Pool of the Black Star, it was certainly an exceptionally beautiful location. I had no expectations going in, but what I received that night was far greater than what I could expect. Tara Lee, your words of wisdom and the support I felt from you, not only comforted me, but gave me a deeper sense of knowing and clarity along this journey.

    Linda Rajotte Winnipeg, MB
  • Tara Lee is magnificent! She is so very talented and gifted in her work. She is passionate in a way that I have never quite seen before. Whether you are looking for meditation or coaching, she will do everything possible in her power to guide you along your journey!

    Candace Csordas Winnipeg, MB
  • I am still unable to articulate the powerful ability of Tara Lee and the impact her voice and bowls had on me. It was other worldly; in a truly angelic sense. The intuitive reading was beyond anything I expected, Tara Lee was instantly able to sense where I have been struggling and empower me with the messages I need to hear to move forward. I will be sharing this experience for a long time, so much gratitude Tara Lee for sharing this gift and for being genuinely you. The fire has been reignited within.

    Ailsa Melita, MB
  • Tara Lee was so kind, patient and witty throughout the Activate Your Soul Destiny program that it made it a joy to talk to her every week. The support she gave me through the four months was incredible and it is why I am able to run my business successfully today!

    Lisa Page Manitoba, CA
  • Within 15 minutes Tara Lee's attunement left me speechless and out of this world! As a result of this, I signed up for her Coaching program and it has been truly and extraordinary Journey. Tara Lee has such enthusiasm and genuine care. I was sinking in my life, now I feel alive again with Joy in my heart! Thank You so much for all the love and support you have offered me, you are a wonderful coach, healer and friend!

    Loralie Bellann Manitoba, CA
  • Tara Lee is very gifted in her roles as coach and healer. I found she not only listens to what your concerns are, but she “hears” the deeper truths of what is being said. I highly recommend Tara Lee as the mentor to guide you through the roadblocks we all encounter at some point on our path.

    Sherri K. Winnipeg, MB
  • It has been just over a year that I have been working with Tara Lee. I look forward to the sessions we have each week because they bring me to a higher place of understanding in my life. Thank you, Tara Lee, for teaching me to be more empowered and able to recognize the true me. I am more confident and trust my intuition to honor and recognize my higher conscious path.

    Marco Di Santo Manitoba, CA
  • Thank you, Tara Lee, for a wonderful event. These past few days have been a time of awakening for me! There have been some major shifts in my personal relationships and at my spiritual center. I have more confidence and am able to express myself more fully.

    Cathy L. Winnipeg, MB
  • I was introduced to Tara Lee in September 2016. Upon speaking with her, I felt an instant connection.  A connection in a way that felt safe to talk to her about my inner most thoughts and obstacles. This is not easy for me but somehow, I felt so safe with her. Tara Lee’s Coaching program was the perfect fit to tackle the obstacles standing in my life at that time! I highly recommend this Coaching program to anyone looking to take their life to the next level.

    H. Scott Manitoba, CA
  • Tara Lee is a gifted and highly intuitive individual. Her reading was so incredibly attuned to my personal needs at this time in my life. She provided more clarity for me and enabled me to feel more comfortable on my path.  All of this with great generosity of spirit!  I offer my sincere and deepest gratitude for sharing her energy and gifts with me.

    Judie Hill Manitoba, CA

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