Crystalline Sun Rings

This tool emits a soft and gentle vibration

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The Crystalline Sun Ring is an invaluable tool for both energy absorption and meditation. By simply placing the ring near one’s body while meditating, this tool, charged with the energy of the sun, emits a soft and gentle vibration, a great aid in transmitting vibrational frequency and positive charge throughout your home or self.

A second function of the Crystalline Sun Ring is to aid in the energetic and physical absorption of vitamins and minerals found in a supplementary form (fresh herbs, capsules, etc.). As a supplement of this nature is placed within the ring’s parameters, and the left hand of the user placed directly above, the same gentle vibrational energy which serves to amplify your own through meditation will serve to increase the energy of the item inside the ring. As a result of the increased energy within the supplement, it is now an even more vibrant and readily absorbed material for your body.

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4" Gold, 13" Gold


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