Frosted Quartz Singing Bowls with Gold Symbols

Anyone can learn to play a crystal singing bowl with ease and joy!

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Anyone can learn to play a crystal singing bowl with ease and joy! Imagine having your very own Crystal Companion to help quiet your mind, relax and rejuvenate your body and entrain your energies to higher vibrational frequencies.

These Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls come in a variety of sizes and have various inlaid Chakra symbols to choose from, with each bowl being tuned to that specific Chakra in the 432HZ Solfeggio Scale. This ancient tuning is a pure tone based on the fundamentals of being in harmony with nature and the universe itself. Basically, the 432HZ works at the level of the Heart Chakra, to bring in a softer and lighter vibration to increase clarity and generate a relaxing, harmonious balance with both body and mind. In addition to this higher frequency, each bowl is also vibrationally activated and blessed with the Sacred Earth Energy that Tara Lee brings forth into the world.

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Golden Mantra 8", Golden Mantra 9", Golden Butterflies 9"


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