The Power of Letting Go and Living an Abundant Life

2015 being the year of abundance is all about letting go. But not just letting go of what we no longer need or want in our lives, it’s letting go on the deeper level and finding that inner space of peace and knowing. It’s once again learning to trust your inner voice and really access the power and abundance within.

Letting go is trusting that every experience has a soul purpose and that nothing happens by mistake. Its letting go of our thought patterns, beliefs and ego, which leads us to believe we should have or even could have done better in any given moment. What if, every experience was truly a gift from God, or the divine if you will, to lead us in the right direction in order to manifest a life beyond our wildest dreams? We instead allow our ego and personal views to get in the way and judge our current situations, which in turn trigger our emotional guidance system to believe that what we are experiencing is bad or wrong. We go into conclusion about the whole thing and write off any chance of seeing beyond the smoke and mirrors to what really matters and instead enslave ourselves into a life of suffering and punishment for something that may not even hold significance along our life journey.

What if, it were simply the judgments you had that creates such density in way of your emotional attachments to people, places and events, even though you know they are creating havoc in your life? For how long will you continue to choose to stay stuck in these addictive patters that are at the moment dictating what shows up in your life?

Is now the time to let go and receive all that you know you can be. To see how truly blessed and amazing you are! And is it time to let go of the density, the old patterns, thoughts and beliefs that have been holding you back from achieving and living a life you love to lead? We can only play small for so long, until one day we wake from our slumber and access the power within, but it all starts with this small simple thing called letting go.

You may be thinking, Tara, I can’t do that, I have credit card debt and a mortgage, my relationship is on the brink of a catastrophe, I’m suffering from this incurable illness or whatever it may be, but the fact of the matter is there will always be less than ideal circumstances that provide us with ways to escape out the back door rather than stepping into the fullness of our being. But let me tell you this, the moment you get committed to change and letting go in your life, the Universe steps up and helps you every step along the way. And as you gain more momentum and clarity along this journey, you become more aware of this total shift and transformation taking place around you and soon the small things you once worried so tirelessly about will seem so far away.

We all must start somewhere, and often those first steps are the most treacherous, but if you stay committed to this, you will find that you begin to allow new things with ease and through the simple act of letting go you create more space, love, joy and opportunity to show up and allow you to choose a life of abundance and ease.

So as we step into 2015 and challenge ourselves with new dreams, goals and desires we must remember to let go of the past in order to move forward and achieve a new level of greatness in our lives to Awaken, Transform & Thrive!