The Secret to a Happy Life, a Gift in Every Moment

What if every experience we had wasn’t what we thought it was and by surrendering to the moment and simply seeing a more authentic perspective we can create more than we ever dreamed possible before. As much as we know this we still go into judgment and conclusion, which just further creates more separation from what it is we really want and know, is possible?

My video this week titled The Secret to a Happy Life is all about surrendering to the moment, as this is a major process in our society but so many of us have no clue how to do it. We tend to push away and numb ourselves to the pain and suffering we experience because it’s the only way we know how to make things feel any better. But what if this is only putting a temporarily fix to the real problem which is our need to control the outcome of life? Take for instance death, we all avoid the subject and tend to run away from experiencing the fullness of it. But what if even in death there was a gift to receive? That the passing of a loved one is more than the dark and grim reality we must now face. What if by surrendering we could allow ourselves to discover more about how to love openly and fully. To be present with each moment and cherish each and every experience as they gift that it may be?

Recently, I lost a childhood friend that was like family to me. His passing was traumatic and sudden, leaving those who knew him completely lost and angry. I too felt this grief and sadness especially as his service would be hosted in the same day that my father passed away last year, which also happened to be on my birthday. To top it all off, I was also faced with having to go back to the same funeral home that my dads service was a year ago to say my last goodbyes to my friend! Yes there was a lot of emotions coming up, lots of disappointments but then I started to see that life was all about the little moments that we one day look back on and wish we could have enjoyed them more. I realized how caught up most of us are in the hustle of modern day society, working long hours, being stressed and tired, but not fully understanding why. We believe that one day it will all pay off and then we can enjoy our life. It was at that moment that I realized life isn’t happening in the future, its happening right now, today and that every moment we spend working towards future happiness will only further create separation between being authentically happy and sacrificing our lives for what it is that we seek most and that is to have freedom and love.  It seems to come to us later in life that we should have taken things slower and made time to stop and smell the roses as they say, but instead we believed in success and money as the cure for our insecurities in life. So what have you been trying to avoid or push away that if you allowed yourself to surrender to this you would create miracles and magic in your life beyond anything you dreamed to be possible before?

What if its in those moments that create the greatest grief and sadness that we finally allow ourselves to feel so fully that we waken to the truth of who we are. Where we no longer avoid the truth or lie to ourselves about what we know to be possible for fear not fitting in or being isolated and singled out? Its’ those who dare to go beyond the confines of this reality who dare to step outside the box that bring great change the world around us. All the greats in this world from Socrates to Einstein were once laughed at and made to be fools. But look what they did to change the fate of who we are today!

These words may seem revolutionary and new age, and they are, but they are also old knowledge coming back to remind us of what is really possible here on earth. We are in control of our destiny, our life, our success and we have the power within us to change any situation we choose to, simply by being present and not resisting what the universe is bringing up for us to return to love and light. Because that is what we are all looking for, how to love and have freedom in life. It is my wish that you find those within yourself along this journey. xo