Your Heart Will Always Know the Way

As we enter into 2018, we are being met with some amazingly powerful energy to transform not only our physical body and mind, but the very consciousness of our being. 2018 marks a year of coming into alignment and awakening the power of 11 within our being. 11 is a master number associated with awakening to greater intuition and charismatic flow in life. It relates to both beginnings and endings and stirs in us the deep wisdom and connection to all that is.

As we are being called into this new state of being, we must be willing to let go of the past and those lower vibrational patterns that have been consuming our energy for too long. You must be willing to enter the “Zone of Change” by stepping outside of your comfort zone and into the magic of the unknown! This is a year of learning how to trust your authentic self, to forgive the people and even parts of yourself that perhaps you perceive failed you in the past. It’s time to free up space to begin a new foundation in your life and what better time than now!

As you walk into 2018, more than ever you are being met with a powerful opportunity to change the very essence of your being into more LOVE, CLARITY AND JOY!  This all comes by stepping into your heart space and unleashing the sleeping giant within! January 1st marked this first step along this very powerful transition and coming up tonight at Sacred Places I will be hosting a very special and powerful evening activation to tap into and align with your greatest self mastery for 2018!

This is truly going to be synchronistic evening of elevation and awakening. So if your being called to join us, you can grab your Tickets here –> TUNING INTO NEW POTENTIALS