You’re Already Perfect and Amazing! Didn’t You Know?

The word perfection carries with it the idea that there is a right and wrong way to go about something in achieving what we like to call success. So if we act in a certain way, gain the right skills or obtained a certain level of status then we will have achieved a certain level of success and are therefore on track to perfection.

But what if wrong or right had nothing to do with it? What if perfection was our birthright and that no matter where we are today or where we have been, we have always been in perfect alignment with where we needed to be at that point in our lives in order to be who we are today.

You see perfection is a lie, a lie set up to keep you consuming and believing that your not good enough, that you don’t have the ability to walk amongst the greats or to do what they are doing. But by the simple fact of you being here on this planet, you already are one of the greats, will you just receive that?! There is a power and force inside of you that radiates not only through this planet, but entire universes and that’s just the beginning. My sweet friends, you are more than you could ever possibly begin to understand, you are amazing beyond words.

Your true worth stems far beyond perfection, for you already are that and more. No matter your past or your present, each moment was brought to you to create a brighter future, and to show you the power of unconditional love and vulnerability in your true authentic being. There are no mistakes, even if you don’t understand the cause of something at this point in your life; just hold tight and keep going because soon all the pieces will begin to fall into place and you will start to understand the bigger picture of why you have been on this journey in the first place.

Now I know society and social media play a large role in our collective beliefs in having to strive for perfection, but what if for just a moment we could put aside the ideas of what we believe to be perfection and allow ourselves to take a step back into the idea that there is nothing wrong with us? What’s interesting about this, is if we stop and FEEL into who we BE for just a minute, we come to see that we host within us an immense power and beauty from source energy that is beyond complete and beyond perfect. We overlook this amazing beauty every day, because we are so caught up in seeking what we believe to be perfection from outside of ourselves. We so strongly believe that there is something we have to get to make us feel whole. When we stop all that is continuously buzzing around us and allow the truth to unfold, we can easily feel the difference between what’s true and what’s not. So instead of trying to chase after what you thought was missing from your life, would you now be willing to look within and feel if this is true for you? Take a deep breath and just receive that~ Most likely what will come up is that you have been believing the perfection lie and that over all this time there was really nothing to chase after because you are already more beautiful and amazing than anything you could find in the world.

I love you dear friends and may you shine your light so bright that you never again question your worth or perfection of who you are. XO